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When I was younger I always dreamed of ways to become more intelligent. After many years of school I decided to go to college and major in biology. I chose biology for a lot a reason, the main one was black ass. Ever since I was little, I loved to draw. During my years at the university I began to draw human body parts. My art class was interesting. We started out by drawing objects like bowls, chairs, columns and tools. My professor showed us ways to do prospective drawings. All of this was interesting but I could not wait to start on the human figure.

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Our (my class) first model was a guy. Some wired looking man with odd shapes to his form. It took two weeks before we were done with him. Our next model was a black girl. Now wait a minute, before I go on, I got to tell you she was hot. She was 19 or 20 years old. Stood 5 feet 8 inches tall with a nice beautiful ebony complexion. She had short black hair which slightly covered her face. My eyes were focused on her pretty full sexy lips. As she glanced over the room full of students she took a look at me. Oh! yeah I was so happy.

It seemed like forever before she was ready. She went into the back room to undress. My friend, Jason was sitting next to me and we both said DAMN! as she walked away. She had a beautiful black ass. She wore a pair of white biker shorts which clung to her booty like a rubber band around broccoli. It's like she was moving in slow motion. Her phat ass looked so good. The anticipation of her being naked in a few minutes was tremendous.

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The moment of truth was here. She came from the back room with a slightly see through robe on. I could see her black nipples pierce the garment. Her breast moved with the slightest bounce as she walked. She got into position in front of the class. Her big round black ass faced me. She disrobed and I felt like JJ (Good Times) when he was about to paint his first nude model. I just gazed at her body. I think I sat there for five minutes in awe. She had such and unbelievable body. The remarkable thing about her flawless figure was her ass. I've seen many butts in my lifetime. I've seen asian asses, white asses, cuban asses,and german asses but the black ass on this girl was too good to be true.

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